Air Force Reserve sponsors League of Legends gaming team, Cloud9

Air Force Reserve sponsors League of Legends gaming team, Cloud9

The Air Force Reserve is happy to announce its partnership with Cloud9, the professional online gaming team, and their quest for the title in the League of Legends Championship Series.

“The Air Force Reserve is very excited to start this adventure with Cloud9.” said Colonel Christopher Nick, Commander, Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service.

Through this partnership, the Air Force Reserve is the first military branch to directly sponsor a professional gaming team and establish a dialogue with the United States e-sports community.

“Cloud9 is proud to be partnered with The Air Force Reserve,” said Jack Etienne, Owner and Team Manager of Cloud9. “This is a tremendous opportunity for Cloud9 and we're looking forward to building a long relationship with an organization that values teamwork and dedication as much as we do.”

“As the cyberspace mission continues to grow in the Air Force Reserve, we continuously search for new Citizen Airmen with various skillsets such as those possessed by online gamers,” Nick said.

Cloud9, founded in 2013, has grown to be a leading global eSports organization focused on supporting the foremost talented competitive gamers in the world’s most popular video games.

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) and the world’s most-played PC game with over 67 million monthly players.

To learn more about Cloud9, the Air Force Reserve and League of Legends, go to:
Cloud9 Website:
Air Force Reserve Website:
League of Legends Website:

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