Announcing Cloud9 G2A

Cloud9 is thrilled to welcome G2A as a title sponsor to the family! Made by gamers for gamers, G2A is an innovative platform offering digital game products. G2A shares our same values in growing the Esports industry and we would love for our fans to embrace our new sponsor in this pursuit.

“G2A has always been made up of gamers from the community themselves thus sharing the same passion with our partners and users,” said the CMOR of G2A. “Growing the gaming industry is not only our dream come true as a normal gamer but also gives us the opportunity to empower people who want to do something connected to their passion.”

G2A is also providing extensive support for Cloud9 by ensuring that our teams have access to solid, comfortable practice bootcamps even through the flurry of travel.

“I’m excited to build a strong relationship with our valued partners at G2A,” said Jack Etienne, General Manager and Owner of Cloud9. “Just knowing they have our teams’ best interests and comfort in mind during their travels speaks volumes about the passion they have for Esports and their understanding of gamers.”

It is our great pleasure to welcome G2A with open arms and we hope our fans will too.

To stay updated on G2A news and special game offers, connect with G2A on Twitter @G2A_com (, Instagram ( and their platform

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