BenQ Joins as Cloud9’s Newest Sponsor

Cloud9 is pleased to announce that BenQ, a worldwide leader in monitors, will be coming on-board as our newest sponsor and to support all our teams with their top gaming displays. From PC to console gaming, BenQ has been supporting esports teams and personalities all over the world in all ranges of competitive titles. Given Cloud9’s array of teams on both PC and consoles, this relationship makes working with such a strong monitor partner a perfect fit.  

“BenQ has long recognized their need to support the top professional gamers.” said Jack Etienne, General Manager and Owner of Cloud9. “They’ve been great to work with and we can’t wait to get our players set up with their displays.”

We are incredibly thankful to BenQ’s interest and support for us as an organization. To learn more about BenQ Gaming, check out their twitter at @BenQAmerica, their facebook at and their website at

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