British Hurricane Welcome KnOxXx and Dannedd

We at the British Hurricane are thrilled to announce two new faces with the organization, Jean-Louis KnOxXx Boyer as head coach and Daniel Dannedd Rosdahl as DPS! KnOxXx brings with him a wealth of experience, dating back to the very first days of Overwatch, and Dannedd steps in to replace Kyb and is ready to blaze his own path in Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 3: Europe!

KnOxXx is as veteran a presence as you can come across in the Competitive Overwatch scene, with his career beginning in November of 2015. His extensive list of accolades includes championships at APAC Premier 2016, Overwatch TaKeOver 2, and most recently, KnOxXx was a part of Eagle Gaming’s championship run in Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 2: Europe. His leadership has already made waves with the Hurricane and we’re thrilled to have him at the helm.

Dannedd joins us from Orgless and Hungry and he’s already made an impact through his Meteor Strikes as Doomfist. Although those have been his most highlighted plays, Dannedd possesses a deep skillset that we’re excited to show off in our next match!

“It wasn’t easy for us to find someone capable of filling Kyb’s shoes in the middle of the season, but Dannedd was up to the task and already feels like an important part of the team. As for KnOxXx, he is well respected amongst players and has proven to be a great addition to our staff team bringing structure and more efficiency, so we’re very excited to work with him. Can’t wait to show everyone what this new team is capable of!” --Ysabel “Noukky” Müller, British Hurricane Team Manager

“We all knew it was only a matter of time before OWL came knocking for the talent we’ve cultivated here at Hurricane, and I’m so proud of how the players, staff, and front office have handled the changes. We’re excited to welcome the newest members of the Hurricane and C9 family and there’s no doubt in my mind that KnOxXx and Dannedd will be turning heads soon as well.” --Jack Etienne, Cloud9 CEO & Owner

KnOxXx’s strategies and Dannedd’s stellar play have already paid off, as the Hurricane came away with a 2-1 victory today over Shu's Money Crew EU! You can see them again on December 9th against Orgless and Hungry!

To discuss these changes and to stay up to date on everything regarding the British Hurricane, click on the official team banner below or check out the official Spitfire Discord.

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