By John Nomis on 2018-01-05

Hi all,

There have been a lot of questions about how Selfie ended up not joining Cloud9 and I’d like to provide some additional context that I think will help. (note: This statement was reviewed and approved by Selfie)

Cloud9 bought Selfie’s existing contract from P1 on November 17th. This was done right at the deadline for P1 to remove all players from its roster as a team exiting the LCS. With that said, we set an expectation with Selfie that if he wanted to play on Cloud9 we would need to negotiate a new deal and get him on one of our approved contract templates.

On December 16th, Selfie declined Cloud9’s offer to join the team and requested to become a free agent. Cloud9 reached out to P1 to let them know about this situation. It is worth noting that there is additional complexity here because P1 could not take Selfie back in order to receive its exit payment from the LCS, per Riot’s rules. The buyout and salary issues referenced by Selfie in his post relate to this complexity; despite the fact that Selfie did not want to sign a new player contract with Cloud9, we had to figure out how to proceed because he could not go back to P1. We worked through this process and the Riot rules, and have since determined that Cloud9 will pay Selfie for the entire period of time per the contract that was assigned to us from P1 through the date of termination.

Selfie’s P1 contract (which we inherited through the assignment of his contract) has a provision that states in the event it is terminated by the team without cause, Selfie will receive an additional 2 months compensation (note: we’re sharing this information with Selfie’s permission). Because of that language, we gave Selfie the choice: (1) he could agree to mutual termination and therefore forgo any future compensation from Cloud9, but have full flexibility as a free and clear free agent; or (2) he could refuse to consent to mutual termination, and leave us to find another team willing to take on his contract by way of assignment.

We presented these options to Selfie on December 18th, and he decided that he didn’t want to move forward with a mutual release agreement and instead wanted to keep his contract intact while we explored other options so he could get paid during that time period and be entitled to his two-month additional fee in the event we could not find another team to take on his contract. I wanted to help Selfie so I directly reached out to every NA LCS team owner and coach letting them know that Selfie is available with ZERO buyout. Unfortunately, although teams had time to consider him as a candidate, no one ultimately felt that they had the right opportunity for him.

On January 2nd, Selfie was notified that he is now a free agent and we will continue to pay him in accordance with the terms of his current contract.

I wish the best for Selfie and hope he is able to find a team soon. I’m disappointed that we didn’t come up with a great outcome for him but there was nothing but good intentions throughout this process from both Cloud9 and P1.

- Jack

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