C9 Balls talks about C9's match against Fnatic (Sponsored by iBuyPower)

Hey, second blog here and I’m going to talk about our games against Fnatic and my thoughts about the matches. We watched all of Fnatic’s group stage games and also scrimmed against them before. Xpeke’s Orianna was really annoying in our scrims and that’s why we prioritize banning Orianna over Kassadin. Orianna also wins most of the mid lane matches and also counters diving champs with her shields. In my opinion, it is way easier to shut down a Kassadin in lane then an Orianna. Our first game against Fnatic, we messed up our level one because we forgot that Lissandra has teleport and that stopped our level one invade on trying to get their blue buff. I was playing Shen that game against a Lissandra and the lane matchup favors Lissandra because she can shove the lane, stop my ult, and escape ganks pretty well. She also outscales Sheen later with her awesome cc for team fighting. We got most of the dragons that game and could’ve snowball from it, but we made mistakes where we got caught for free and let them scale into late game where if they played it right, they should win the team fights which they did. The second game was close and we managed to win it by securing baron and eventually winning the game. That game made me realize that I should’ve played rumble first game when he was open. The third game was pretty much a stomp on us after they got two kills from level one on their jungler and the only way they could lose was if they throw. Overall, we had fun playing against them and it’s alright to lose sometimes because that means that we can learn from it and get better. They also played really well and I learned a lot from it.

So now that worlds is over, we all decided to go on break for a while just to relax a bit and have some fun. I decided to go back to Texas to visit my family because I didn’t really have any time during the whole season to visit them. I might start streaming again when I settle down in Texas and keep playing so I don’t get rusty. Once our break is over, I look forward to coming back to the LCS split and train hard for league of legends.

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