C9 DOTA2 Disbands as 1437 Moves to Digital Chaos

After a rather successful three months of competition, it is with heavy heart that we announce the dissolution of the Cloud9 DOTA2 roster. Over the course of their time with us, the DOTA2 team made great strides as a competitive team, streaking through both the MLG World Finals Americas Qualifier and the Frankfurt Major Americas Qualifier. In almost every event they participated in they had dominating performances over the likes of ROOT, compLexity, and Digital Chaos. The team's biggest boast, outside of qualifying for two international LAN events, was their dominating success in the online Beyond the Summit Americas #2 tournament where they walked away with first place. 

Although we were consistently pleased to see the team's progress from event to event, the days preceding and following The Frankfurt Major took a major toll on the morale and stability of the roster. The search for Ritsu's replacement proved to be a daunting task as the team explored the options available to them both local and abroad. Ultimately, this complication coupled with another loss to be explained in the following paragraph cemented our decision to disband the remainder of the roster.

With that being said, we'd also like to share news on the roster's founder and captain, Theeban "1437" Siva. In lieu of our early elimination from The Frankfurt Major in Germany, we at Cloud9 were approached by rival Americas team, Digital Chaos, who made clear their interest in Theeban, citing the work he's done before and during his time at Cloud9. After extensive talks, we agreed to release Theeban, and, as of yesterday, he began representing Digital Chaos. Following his release, Theeban shared a few words on his time at Cloud9,

"My time with Cloud9 was one of the best times of my life. From Jack and Danan to every one of my teammates, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this organization. I had intended for this chapter of my life to last longer, but due to some unforeseeable complications, it was cut short. I am confident the rest of my teammates will not encounter too many issues while finding a new home for their DOTA2 careers after their exemplary performance these past months. Their will to learn and progress took us from a completely unknown team to participating in the first ever DOTA2 Major! I look forward to keeping up with everyone I've met, especially Cloud9, but as I close this door, I'll look to open another with Digital Chaos."

In the end, we'd like to thank everyone across the DOTA2 community who cheered us on these last few months. Your support was critical to our growth and success as a team and we hope you've enjoyed watching as much as we've enjoyed competing.

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