#C9CS Invades Paris

The boys from North America have made the journey to cities of Europe! Starting on Tuesday night the 28th in Paris, France at 19:00 CET you can not only meet and greet the team of Cloud9 CS:GO but you will also be given the opportunity to play against them as well! Come out! Say hi! Grab some Cloud9 Official Wristbands! Have a few drinks and get to know the Team of Cloud9 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!

The address to Meltdown-Paris is as follows:

6 Passage Thiéré, 75011 Paris
Telephone: +33 1 77 11 81 78

Website: www.meltdown-paris.com 

Remember the Meet and Greet begins at 1900 (7:00 PM) so don't be late!

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