Cloud9 and Fan Part Ways; Arthelon Joins

As the year winds down, many teams are looking to lock down their rosters for 2016 and our Cloud9 Heroes of the Storm team is no exception. With a BlizzCon World Championship under their belt, C9 HOTS closed their 2015 event season with a top 4 finish in China's second season of the Gold Series Heroes League, cementing their invitation to its Grand Finals in January.

Following the team's return from China, we spoke at length with Carry player Fan "Fan" Yang. During these talks, Fan shared concerns that his approach to the game was beginning to differ from that of the rest of the roster. In the end, a mutual decision was drawn and each party chose to go its separate way. We appreciate Fan's willingness to openly communicate his feelings and wish him the best wherever he chooses to go.

In light of this decision, we at Cloud9 are very excited to announce that former Tempo Storm and Bob Ross Fan Club member Taylor "Arthelon" Eder will be stepping into the vacant Carry position left with Fan's departure. Sporting a plethora of MOBA experience, originating in League of Legends before transitioning to Heroes of the Storm, Taylor was a clear top candidate for the position and had this to say following his invitation and acceptance onto the roster,

"After playing so many games against Cloud9, I've come to really respect each of their players' individual skills and playstyles. I have been good friends with KingCaffeine for quite some time, so when he mentioned they might be interested, I couldn't have been more ecstatic to join."

We're excited to bring Taylor into the fold and look forward to his and the rest of the roster's progress moving forward into 2016! To check out his social pages, head over to the C9 HOTS Team Page, or, for more up-to-date news and information on all things Cloud9, check out our social pages below:

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