Cloud9 and Red Bull Announce Official Partnership

Throughout 2015, Cloud9’s League of Legends team worked closely with Red Bull eSports around LCS play. In our experience, Red Bull is one of the most dedicated brands in eSports, and that’s why we announce today our official partnership.

Focus and concentration are key to winning, which is why Cloud9 has always preferred Red Bull Energy Drink. Our team values the professionalism and innovative approach Red Bull brings to eSports which is why they’re our official beverage partner, but it goes so much further. In 2016, Cloud9’s LCS team will train daily out of the Red Bull eSports Studio – a dedicated training facility that provides us the chance to prepare for competition in a way we couldn’t otherwise.

In addition to studio access, all of Cloud9’s teams will have the opportunity to take part in Red Bull’s mental and physical development program that creates new training regimens to help professional gamers improve and prepare for tournaments. This is the same Red Bull High Performance program that’s trained athletes like Lindsey Vonn, Louie Vito and Ryan Sheckler.

"Red Bull has been supporting eSports teams with the same care and attention as their traditional sports athletes,” said Jack Etienne, Owner of Cloud9. “With their eSports studio, our players will have all of the support and access we need to triumph in 2016.”

Both Red Bull and Cloud9 are fully committed to the development and production of new live and non-scripted content formats as well. From web series to live streams, Cloud9 will tap into the production powers of Red Bull Media House in an effort to show its fans a view of the world in an authentic way.

The 2016 season is looking to be an incredible year for Cloud9 and eSports as a whole. Cloud9 is coming off of a major roster change to their LCS team, a huge win at Blizzcon for the HotS team, a new WoW 3v3 team, and soon a new player announcement for their CS:GO team. Red Bull’s dedicated efforts to further eSports will drive our player’s performance and their desire to deliver inspiring content driven by the stories of our team has come at the perfect time.

About Cloud9:

Cloud9 is a global professional gaming organization with top-tier teams in League of Legends, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Super Smash Brothers, Heroes of The Storm, SMITE and World of Warcraft. The core of the team is currently based in Santa Monica, CA and is owned by Jack Etienne. For more information about Red bull eSports follow @RedBullESPORTS on Twitter or visit

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