Cloud9 Call of Duty Division Update | May 2016

After two weeks of play as our Call of Duty World League substitute for Steve "Mochila" Canle, we're pleased to announce that Adam "Assault" Garcia will be stepping into a permanent position on the Cloud9 CWL roster! Simultaneously, his now empty spot on the Cloud9 Eclipse roster will be filled by none other than Chance "Maux" Moncivaez.

“Making tweaks to a CWL roster is never easy, but as we approach the mid-season marker, it’s important that we reassess our goals in the CWL. Ultimately, we invested some time in our substitute player and found a more comfortable setup than we had in the first couple weeks of the season. Steve was understanding of our decision and we’d especially like to thank him for returning as a stand-in for Devin “Llama” Tran in our CWL match against Team Solomid this last Wednesday. Beyond the CWl roster, we’re confident Chance will do well in replacing Adam on the C9E roster as they begin to set their sights on MLG Anaheim in June.”
— Danan Flander, Cloud9 General Manager
“I’m thankful for the opportunity to compete under the Cloud9 name, and to represent such a prestigious organization. I’m also looking forward to wearing Cloud9 blue in Anaheim alongside Swarley, Dedo, and SiLLY.”
— Chance Moncivaez, Cloud9 Eclipse Player

To find out the most current iterations of both the Cloud9 CWL and Cloud9 Eclipse rosters and to check out each player's social media, hop on over to their respective team pages:

With that being said, Mochila now joins fellow Cloud9 player Lamar "Accuracy" Abedi on the Cloud9 Call of Duty Reserve roster. We ask that any organization or team interested in working with our Reserve players please contact us at the following email address:

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