Cloud9 Call of Duty Roster Changes

With the COD XP roster lock tonight, only three short days after MLG Orlando, we at Cloud9 have elected to make changes to our competitive Call of Duty roster. We'd like to introduce Patrick "ACHES" Price, Richard "Ricky" Stacy, and Andres "Lacefield" Lacefield to the Cloud9 starting lineup! They will compete alongside Adam "Assault" Garcia throughout the COD XP Open Qualifiers starting this Saturday as they look to earn their place to represent North America live at The Forum in Inglewood, CA for COD XP 2016.

“With CODXP coming up, you have to be able to fully trust your teammates. Ricky, Lacefield, and myself felt Assault was the missing piece to our team. We’re all extremely excited to be teaming with each other while representing an amazing organization like Cloud9. We have high hopes for the future and hope to make some serious noise in the coming weeks. We’re most likely coming in as the underdogs, but that’ll make the upsets even sweeter.”
— Patrick "ACHES" Price, Cloud9 Call of Duty Player

For more information on the team and to find their social pages, click the official Cloud9 Call of Duty Team Page banner below:

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