Cloud9 CS:GO Update

Today Cloud9 announces the transfers of Timothy autimatic Ta, Damian daps Steele, and Kenneth koosta Suen to Gen.G. All of us here at Cloud9 would like to thank these players for everything they brought to our organization, and we wish them the best as their careers progress.

In addition to these moves, Assistant Coach, Christopher Elmapuddy Tebbit has elected to depart Cloud9 and join Gen.G as their CS:GO Head Coach. Cloud9 is also retaining Oscar mixwell Cañellas.

With more on these changes and what’s to come, here’s Cloud9 CS:GO Head Coach James JamezIRL Macaulay with additional information:

Cloud9 would like to especially thank Timothy autimatic Ta for not only being a leader in competition, but a pillar of the entire Cloud9 organization dating back to his arrival in August of 2016. His talent, direction, and camaraderie provided cornerstones for some of the team’s greatest triumphs, including a championship at the ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals, and, of course, North America’s finest CS:GO moment, victory at the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018. Throughout his tenure, autimatic has been a consistent force for Cloud9, and the organization will forever be grateful for his contributions.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Tim these past few years. I’ve always been impressed by his work ethic for the game and I wish him the best of luck at Gen.G. I’m grateful for the good times we had traveling the world and attending tournaments and I am looking forward to seeing him at many more in the future!” -- Jonathan Tran, Cloud9 CS:GO General Manager

“A huge thank you to Tim for the three incredible years he’s spent on Cloud9. I’ll never forget the incredible Boston Major run the team had and everything he has done for us. Best wishes for the future.” -- Jack Etienne, Cloud9 CEO & Owner

We will have more updates on the CS:GO team soon, which will be made available on our social channels as well as here on the Cloud9 website.


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