Cloud9 G2A Joins League of Legends NA Challenger Series

Cloud9 is very excited to announce our newest League of Legends roster. With a full split having taken place since the star-studded Cloud9 Tempest roster participated in Riot's Coke Series, Cloud9 re-enters the League of Legends Challenger scene with another amateur hopeful, Cloud9 G2A.

"With the rising popularity of the LCS, it only made sense that we start investing our time and energy in Riot's Challenger Series." explained Charlie Lipsie, Head Coach of Cloud9's LCS roster. "Coordinating tryouts with AGeNt, Head Coach of the collegiate teams over at Robert Morris University, I was able to host a plethora of skill assessment sessions in the form of in-houses. In total, we analyzed nearly 30 separate players over the course of more than 10 days! In many cases we opted to allow players to try out for multiple roles. Using this I was able to put together what I believe will be a top contender this NACS split."

The Cloud9 G2A roster:

Colin "Solo" Earnest - Top Lane
Anthony "Hard" Barkhovtsev - Jungle 
David "Yusui" Bloomquist - Mid Lane
Benjamin "LOD" deMunck - AD Carry
Trevor "Stixxay"  Hayes Support

Diving directly into the competition, Cloud9 G2A will be participating in Season 11 of the ESL Pro Series starting today, Saturday, January 10. Stay tuned into our social channels for more details.

To check out the players individually, please visit their social channels at:






Or, check out the Cloud9 G2A team page:

Also, special thanks to Ferris “AGeNt” Ganzman:

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