Cloud9 Halo: Back in Action

We at Cloud9 are pleased to announce the acquisition of the competitive roster formerly known as Renegades. Following a 4th place performance in the Halo Championship Series Pro League Summer Regular Season, the roster has already qualified to the NA Summer Season Finals, which will be played live at KCON 2016 from The Novo by Microsoft in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

“It is a great pleasure and honor to be working with Jack and the rest of Cloud9 once again. We were unable to achieve as much with them as we had wanted to in the previous iteration of the Halo franchise, so this time around we look forward to contributing to the success of Cloud9 as an organization. I’m extremely excited for our future together in Halo 5.”
— Kory "Symbolic" Arruda, Cloud9 Halo Coach
“We have always enjoyed our time in the competitive Halo scene. With former Cloud9 staff and players including Symbolic, Ninja, and Victory X on the roster, returning to the scene was a comfortable decision for us to make. We also look forward to supporting Commonly and Penguin for the first time. ”
— Danan Flander, Cloud9 General Manager

Please join us in welcoming Symbolic, Commonly, Penguin, Victory X, and Ninja to the Cloud9 organization! To find more information on the team and to find their updated social media accounts, check out the official Cloud9 Halo Team Page below:


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