Cloud9 Heroes of the Storm: End of an Era

In October of 2014, we at Cloud9 formed our competitive Heroes of the Storm division. A month later we walked away as champions of the first offline event, the BlizzCon Exhibition Tournament. One year later in 2015, and with only Kun "iDream" Fang participating from the original roster, we were crowned the first ever Heroes of the Storm World Champions. Moving into 2016, the Cloud9 HOTS roster continued to find success, ultimately taking down Team Naventic to win the North American Spring Regional, qualifying them to the Spring Global Championship in Seoul, South Korea.

It is with great difficulty that we announce the dissolution of the Cloud9 Heroes of the Storm division. As of today, Cloud9 will no longer field a competitive Heroes of the Storm roster. We'd like to thank the fans, sponsors, and players who supported us over the last twenty months and put us on the path to victory at both BlizzCon events. It isn't yet set in stone what each member will choose to do next, but you can stay up to date with each player on their respective social channels by clicking their portrait below.

 Keiwan  k1pro  Itakura

Keiwan k1pro Itakura

 Kun  iDream  Fang

Kun iDream Fang

 John Paul  KingCaffeine  Lopez

John Paul KingCaffeine Lopez

 Derek  DunkTrain  Arabian

Derek DunkTrain Arabian

Not pictured above, Benjamin Cattlepillar Bunk briefly joined Cloud9, replacing Taylor Arthelon Eder shortly before the 2016 ESL North America Summer Regional Championship; you can find him here. For more news and information on all things Cloud9, also check out our social pages, found in the footer of any official page.

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