Cloud9 HyperX Adds FATA to DOTA 2 Roster

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Cloud9 HyperX Adds FATA to DOTA 2 Roster

Cloud9 HyperX is excited to welcome Adrian “FATA” Trinks to the Cloud9 DOTA 2 roster. Coming from Germany and top teams such as mousesports and Sigma, FATA is definitely ready to take the role of Mid Laner for C9. 

“I’m proud to announce that Fata will be joining Cloud9 DOTA 2.” said Jacky “EternaLEnVyy” Mao, C9 DOTA 2 Team Captain. “We originally tried him out last year and invited him to join us as we felt he was a very good fit but he was not ready to commit at the time.  Now he’s ready to join Cloud9 for our quest for TI5.” 

FATA’s mechanical expertise and deep technical understanding of DOTA 2 makes him the perfect addition to the team. Alongside his duties as our new mid laner, FATA will be taking the lead in drafting to ensure C9’s continued success. 

“After several days of long thinking, I realized that this is the best option due to the fact that the players are extremely skilled, hard working and are ready to commit a lot to the game to achieve the goal of becoming one of the, if not the best team in the world.” added Adrian “FATA” Trinks. “Moreover, Cloud9 is a great organization that will support us on this road. I sincerely hope that I am of aid when it comes to reaching that goal and that we have a successful time together.”

The updated Cloud9 DOTA 2 roster is now:

Team Captain: Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao - Canada
Pittner “bOne7” Armand - Romania
Kurtis “aui_2000” Ling - Canada
Johan “pieliedie” Åström - Sweden
Mid Lane - Adrian “FATA” Trinks - Germany

With the powerful addition of FATA to our C9 DOTA 2, we are very excited to see all the players perform all the way through TI5 and beyond. 

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