Cloud9 HyperX Reloads With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Cloud9 HyperX is proud to announce the addition of a top-tier Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team to our lineup of champion teams. Joining us from compLexity Gaming are North America’s strongest CS:GO roster that’s ready to take on the world’s biggest tournaments.


Joining Cloud9 CS:GO are the following:


Sean “sgares” Gares - United States

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert - United States

Spencer “Hiko” Martin - United States

Kory “Semphis” Friesen - Canada

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek - Canada


“We realized when meeting with Jack that we felt very assured and comforted that this was the next big step on our journey to success in the realm of competitive CS:GO. Our goals and Cloud9's vision for us are one in the same.” said Spencer “Hiko” Martin, Team Captain of Cloud9 CS:GO. “We look forward to working with C9 in every aspect. Not only do we aim to better ourselves at our respective game, we want to benefit the Cloud9 organization and the eSports community as a whole.”


CS:GO’s growth as an eSport and competitive community has been wildly impressive, bringing back much of the original CS 1.6 hype. With the C9 CS:GO line up, the players have had a phenomenal history with the franchise. n0thing is one of three players to hold nine ESEA championships while sgares, Hiko, and Semphis all have numerous winnings in ESCW, ESEA, and WCG events.


“I've been interested in CS:GO's community for some time now and after I saw the amazing crowd at IEM Katowice first hand, I knew I had to get involved.” said Jack Etienne, Owner and General Manager of Cloud9 HyperX. “After speaking with a number of the top teams, I really was impressed with this one particular group and knew right away that we could work well together.”


Cloud9 and its sponsors are absolutely committed to providing a strong foundation for the new players and will ensure they have everything they need to be competing at the highest level of CS:GO worldwide.


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