Cloud9 Joins Up With MOBAFire for Official Build Guides


Cloud9 HyperX is joining forces with the leading strategy guide tool and community website MOBAFire to exclusively host C9’s League of Legends official player guides for summoners worldwide. Available immediately, each of the C9 League of Legends players have submitted multiple guides for their favorite champions and builds for the current patches.


“Fans, stream viewers, and friends all want to know what our players prefer to build and play.” said Jack Etienne, C9 Team Owner. “Now with MOBAFire, we have an amazing resource to point everyone to.”


Check out the player’s specific guides below:


C9 Sneaky’s Guides

C9 Meteos’s Guides

C9 LemonNation’s Guides

C9 Balls’s Guides

C9 Hai’s Guides


If you want to check out all of the guides, click here.


Cloud9 is very excited to have an official home for our player guides thanks to MOBAFire and we’re looking forward to keeping all the guides freshly updated. If you’d like to see any other guides or have any suggestions, please let us know via our twitter at @cloud9gg.


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