Cloud9 Opens Recruitment for Call of Duty

As of today, we at Cloud9 would like to officially announce our interest in recruiting a competitive Call of Duty roster. As always, we strive to expand our reach into new territories, and CoD is no exception! With the Call of Duty World League Pro Division Qualifiers about to kick off and the first season of the CWL on the horizon, we'd like to invite all highly-skilled, highly-motivated players and teams interested in working alongside us to complete one of the following forms:

Cloud9 has been on the forefront of many eSports, fostering rookie and veteran talent alike to compete at the highest levels of their respective games. Currently housing teams and players competing at an international level in League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, SMITE, World of Warcraft, and Smash Bros. Melee, we'll look look to emulate their success following the recruitment of a competitive Call of Duty roster.

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