Cloud9 Partner with IMG’s Boomeo Platform

IMG’s newest investment is a web-based esports platform aimed at helping CS:GO players improve with premium educational content as well as gameplay training tools.

Numerous teams and personalities, including Cloud9, have partnered with Boomeo to help build and provide exclusive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive instructional content to be published and promoted on the platform.

“The launch of Boomeo speaks to our continued investment in the esports industry and our focus on delivering premium and accessible content to consumers. Boomeo is ahead of the curve with its innovative training functionality, and we are excited to develop the platform as a go-to for serious gamers and those looking for an easy entry point to esports.”
— Karen Brodkin, IMG

Logging into Boomeo allows users to be automatically placed into traditional CS:GO training modules like Deathmatch and Retakes, as well as several new and exciting ones proprietary to Boomeo including “Duels,” a training module aimed at replacing the traditional warm-up regimen of most amateur and professional players.

“Cloud9 is excited to work with Boomeo to help beginners and veterans alike learn and master CS:GO.”
— Jack Etienne, Cloud9 CEO and Founder

Angling to expand quickly, Boomeo has an ambitious roadmap for the future, including additional community features, statistics breakdowns to leaderboards, and more training tools.

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