Cloud9 Partners With Mobile App, Instant eSports

We at Cloud9 are excited to officially partner with Instant eSports, a free mobile app for Android and iOS. Starting today, you can access our latest announcements and performance results by downloading and browsing through the news aggregation app, which will have this information sooner than any other source.

“We are excited to partner with Instant eSports where Cloud9’s latest announcements, scores and news can be aggregated for our fans,” said Jack Etienne, Owner and Founder of Cloud9. “We love that it makes it easy for people to follow us.”

Through 2016, Instant eSports will break Cloud9 news through its mobile platform, sending notifications to inform fans instantaneously. Players and staff from Cloud9 will also be available during special events to chat with fans and answer questions through the app.

About Instant eSports
Instant eSports is a free mobile app that provides the most up-to-date League of Legends news, scores and stats. They have two goals: to support the eSports community with a central reference on everything eSports, and to provide a platform through which fans can connect with and learn more about their favorite teams and players.

As the eSports community grows, so should the resources that support it. Instant eSports is working to create the best mobile app for League of Legends and, in coming months, will also add coverage of other major eSports, including CS:GO, DotA 2 and Hearthstone.

Download Instant eSports for iOS and Android here.

For more information about Instant eSports, follow @instantesports on Twitter or visit /instantesports on Facebook.

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