Cloud9 Partners with NVIDIA GeForce

We’re pleased to announce our official collaboration with NVIDIA GeForce. We’ve had many positive experiences with NVIDIA GeForce in the past and, thus, are very excited for this partnership.

Our players will share their tournament-winning expertise on the NVIDIA Twitch channel, helping gamers improve their plays and strategies while introducing newcomers to the world of competitive gaming. Playing on rigs equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX hardware used at top tournaments will help them match the level of performance and responsiveness they receive on the big stage. And of course, they’ll practice on high refresh rate G-SYNC monitors that reduce input delay and further improve the experience in the NVIDIA eSports GeForce studio.

We’re excited to work with NVIDIA GeForce to help create more quality content and further people’s knowledge of the esports scene. Be sure to follow NVIDIA on Twitch and to tune in each time our players go live every other Thursday, starting today with our own Braxton "Swag" Pierce.

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