Cloud9 Peripheral & Monitor Sponsors Update

With the 2016 eSport season in full swing, we wanted to provide everyone with quick update about our partners. First, we are excited to announce that we are continuing our relationship with Logitech and their G Series line of products. Our teams will continue to exclusively compete with Logitech G-series keyboards, mice, and headsets. We have a great relationship with the Logitech G team that extends far beyond simply using their gear and our players will continue to consult with them to help develop and improve their next generation gear.

Next, we are also continuing our partnership with BenQ, but as you may have already noticed, the BenQ logo has been replaced on our promotions and gear with their newly acquired gaming series brand, ZOWIE. As of December 2015, all BenQ gaming brand products were transitioned to this new eSport-focused gaming brand. Regardless, they've been a fantastic monitor partner and we will continue to exclusively use their gaming monitors.

“We look forward to working with each of our partners closely to develop the best products possible for gaming. We value our partners and their incredible work in this space.”
— Jack Etienne, Cloud9 Founder & CEO

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