Cloud9 Signs Americas Top-Seeded World of Warcraft Team, Juveniles

With BlizzCon on fast approach, we at Cloud9 are thrilled to announce the newest roster joining our ranks. Juveniles, the top-seeded World of Warcraft arena team out of the Americas Regionals, will represent Cloud9 at the upcoming World Championship. The team's qualification to BlizzCon was cemented a short while ago when they edged out both Follow eSports and Tempo Storm to take the top seed.

"We've been fans of Cloud9 for a long time, and it's very exciting for us to be joining the organization as their official World of Warcraft arena team," said Juveniles' Coach and Manager, Michael Hogman, when asked his feelings on the acquisition. "I believe this is a huge step in the right direction for WoW eSports, and the team is looking forward to representing the Cloud9 brand on and off stage."

Cloud9 Owner, Jack Etienne, also shared his thoughts "As a long time player of World of Warcraft it was always in my mind to find the right arena team, so I’m really excited to see this particular team join Cloud9. I’m confident they'll represent us well and I’m excited to be able to watch them compete live at this year's BlizzCon."

Finally, Kubzy, the team's Druid, spoke shortly about moving forward with Cloud9, "My teammates and I are so excited to be able to represent Cloud9. This organization has been making great strides in the eSports community, and we can't wait to help give their fans another game to be excited about."

The Cloud9 World of Warcraft roster is as follows:

Cameron "Kubzy" MacDonald Druid C9Kubzy Kubzyx
Jackson "Roastyz" Nihill Rogue C9Roastyz Roastyz
Marcel "Wealthymanx" Rodriguez Mage C9Wealthyman Wealthymanx
Michael "Cartoonz" Hogman Coach/Manager Hogmanlolz CartoonzLive HogmanGaming Hogmanlolz

Catch the new Cloud9 roster play in the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship live at BlizzCon in Anaheim, CA on November 6 and 7.

For more information on the Cloud9 WoW team, visit their team page:

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