Cloud9 Signs Champion Rocket League Team

We at Cloud9 are excited to announce the acquisition of Rocket League Dreamhack Atlanta 2017 Champions, The Muffin Men. Joining us is Kyle Torment Storer, Mariano SquishyMuffinz Arruda and Jesus Gimmick Parra. With consistent results as ESL Monthly Champions and Beyond Entertainment Astro Champions, we're confident that Dreamhack Atlanta 2017 was only the beginning of this roster's dominant presence in the competitive Rocket League scene.

“Over the last two years Rocket League has stormed onto the scene as a fun, accessible esport for everyone. We began talks with The Muffin Men before this last DreamHack and their stellar performance solidified our interest. Happy to have them on board as yet another top team on Cloud9.”
— Danan Flander, Cloud9 General Manager
“We’re really excited to be joining Cloud9. We’ve been fans of their teams in other games for a long time and really respect them as an organization. We look forward to bringing our success in Rocket League to Cloud9.”
— Kyle "Torment" Storer, Cloud9 Rocket League Player

As Rocket League continues to grow, tune into Torment's, SquishyMuffinz' and Gimmick's Twitch channels to see when and where they will compete next.

To discuss these changes and stay updated on everything #C9RL check out the official Cloud9 Team Page by clicking the banner below and joining our Twitch App Server in your browser or on the desktop app at


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