Cloud9 Stratus Bundle

Cloud9 Announces “Stratus Bundle” Item Collection for DOTA 2

Cloud9 has partnered with an incredibly talented group of DOTA 2 workshop artists to collaborate on our first ever set of DOTA 2 items, the Cloud9 Stratus Bundle. In working with Sexy Robot & Friends, it was our mutual vision to try and create something new and exciting that also ties back to our team look and feel.

Introducing the Stratus Bundle, this collection features the following:

Storm Cloud - Like a lightning bolt, a spirit of the storm must strike with great speed and also with great power. This 3-piece Storm Spirit set also comes with a beautifully illustrated loading screen.

Nimbus the Cloud Ram Courier - An adorable high-flying courier that channels powerful weather as he valiantly brings you all your purchases. Includes lightning and rain effects.

The Cloud Gazer Ward - You gaze at the clouds... the clouds gaze back.

This bundle will help support the Cloud9 DOTA 2 team and all their efforts. If you like the items and want to see them in DOTA 2, please click here to go vote on this collection.

Huge thank you from all of us on Cloud9. <3

Many sticks were dropped in the making of this set.

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