Cloud9 to Hold Open Tryouts for Challenger Roster

As the 2015 Summer Split comes to an end, we at Cloud9 would like to take this opportunity to announce our upcoming Challenger team tryout process. By next Spring, we intend to explore any and all options in regards to talent both local and abroad before fielding another Challenger roster. To begin this process, we're starting at the roots of the competitive community and leaving an open access application process to the solo queue community.

An important part of this process is going to include the active involvement of none other than our own William “Meteos” Hartman. Following his departure from the Cloud9 LCS roster, Meteos made clear his interest of fielding a roster for the upcoming NACS split, and with the current NACS split winding down, we will look to build this roster around the jungling veteran.

The first stage of the process begins immediately, as the form linked below will collect and compile information from any applicants interested in completing it. Before beginning the form, please know that there is already an initial expectation of being at least Master Tier or above in your respective regions solo queue ladder at the time of applying. Anyone who does not meet this guideline or submits false information will be removed from the applicant database.

It’s important to note that we cannot actively control who completes the form. Keeping that in mind, the first two questions deal directly with a player’s contract status. If a player is contracted, they will be required to submit evidence of written permission from their contract holder clarifying that they are permitted to reach out to us.

Finally, to help deter fake submissions, each applicant must also provide a high-resolution screenshot, including a timestamp, with a League of Legends client logged into a Master or Challenger level account matching a summoner name from their submitted list.

For more news and announcements from Cloud9, follow us on Twitter at @cloud9gg, Facebook at /cloud9gg, and YouTube at /c9ggtv.

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