Cloud9 Welcome Zellsis For CS:GO Trial

We at Cloud9 are excited to welcome Jordan Zellsis Montemurro to the C9 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster on a trial period! Zellsis is joining us via Swole Patrol, where he had been playing since January. During his time there, Zellsis was instrumental in securing several victories in qualifiers, along with victories at Legends Series: North America and Fragadelphia 12.

“Although this is only a trial for Cloud9, I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to not only represent this organization and play under such experienced players, but also to prove myself as a player and as a person. I will use this time to gain what I can and further improve myself as a player and I hope I can bring something special to this team and Cloud9.” --Jordan Zellsis Montemurro

“In 2018 we brought North America its greatest victory in Counter-Strike history and we’re eager to get back to it in the new year. Zellsis is more than ready to jump into the fray with us and we’re looking forward to seeing his skills in action and kicking off 2019 on the right foot.” --Jack Etienne, Cloud9 CEO & Owner

Along with this signing, we also want to announce an update on Maikil Golden Selim. All parties have agreed that the best course of action is for Golden to continue prioritizing his health until he is fully cleared and comfortable with competing once more. Until then, he has continued to be a vital member of the team and organization and we eagerly await his full recovery.

You will be able to catch Zellsis and the C9 CS:GO roster at iBUYPOWER Masters IV, beginning on January 19th! For more on this, as well as other #C9CSGO news, click the official team banner below or check out the official Cloud9 Discord.


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