Cloud9 Welcomes Chappie and SOLIDFPS

We at Cloud9 are excited to welcome Justin Chappie Andrews and Alexandru SOLIDFPS Cotiga to the Cloud9 Battle Royale family. They join current members Drew Sweaterr Miser and Adam crunch Escobedo. We would like to thank Zacharia Krypted Harper and Dylan mobz Hernandez for the time and work they spent with us; moving forward they are released from the roster.

“As a life long gamer and competitive player, it is a dream come true to be selected to compete at the highest level. I am extremely excited and honored to take part in this journey alongside my talented friends and teammates in Cloud9.”
— Alexandru “SOLIDFPS” Cotiga, Cloud9 Battle Royale Player
“I’m proud to join an organization like Cloud9; I’m already confident in my chemistry with SOLID, Sweaterr, and crunch. I’m excited to get to work and am fully prepared for the challenges ahead.”
— Justin “Chappie” Andrew, Cloud9 Battle Royale Player
“With the addition of SOLIDFPS and Chappie to the Battle Royale roster, I’m confident in the team’s ability to mold to different metas, create new metas, and work concisely and confidently under high stress.”
— Drew “Sweaterr” Miser, Cloud9 Battle Royale Captain

As the Battle Royale scene continues to evolve, tune into Chappie's and SOLIDFPS's Twitch channels to see when and where they will compete next.

To discuss these changes and stay updated on everything #C9BR check out the official Cloud9 Team Page by clicking the banner below and join our Twitch App Server in your browser or on the desktop app at


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