Cloud9 Welcomes HTC Into Esports

Cloud9 is extraordinarily grateful and excited to welcome HTC as our latest addition to 
our premier sponsors. HTC’s pursuit of brilliance in personal tech continues in their 
marketing efforts as they fully grasp the colossal growth that esports has shown in the 
last year. In 2015, that will only continue as HTC is deeply interested in ensuring that 
esports teams have the support and foundation to do what we do best.

HTC coming on board with Cloud9 is a huge moment for the team as one of our first 
major non-gaming sponsors. With partnerships on this level and HTC being one of the 
most respected technology brands worldwide, esports as a whole is reaching exciting 
new heights of legitimacy. That’s why we’re asking our fans and supporters to show their 
appreciation and interest to HTC for helping bring esports to further mainstream levels. 
To learn more, please connect with HTC on Twitter @HTC.

“I’m thrilled that HTC chose to sponsor Cloud9!  They're clearly huge fans of Esports and 
we're honored to be working with them." said Jack Etienne, General Manager and 
Owner of Cloud9. "I can't wait to roll out some of the fun collaborations we're working 

Along with our great friends at Team Solomid and Team Liquid, all three teams together 
will be working with HTC on an exciting new video series that we can’t wait to share with 
you. Stay tuned as you’ll have opportunities to snag some amazing new HTC devices.

On behalf of all of the players, staff, and management on Cloud9, we want to thank our 
new friends at HTC for partnering with us. We can’t wait to show you the value and 
success that working with the esports industry can provide. 

For more news and announcements from Cloud9, follow us on twitter at @cloud9gg and 
Facebook at

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