Cloud9 Welcomes Kaymind and Nerf to PUBG

We at Cloud9 are thrilled to be welcoming the two newest members of our PUBG squad, Thierry Kaymind Kaltenback and Benjamin Nerf Wheeler! We’re excited to see Kaymind and Nerf in action alongside Moody and Stab soon!

Kaymind brings with him the talent that helped him achieve a 3rd-place finish in Auzom Season 2, as well as a 5th-place finish in Season 1 of the PUBG Online Showdown. Nerf has racked up the accolades as well, helping his team win the Stream.Me PUBG Invitational, getting a 3rd-place finish at the First Blood Invitational, and another 3rd-place finish at the Curse Trials March Finals. We can’t wait to see these talents fly under the Cloud9 banner!

“We’re looking forward to seeing these new faces work with Moody and Stab on some really exciting events coming up! Welcome to the family, Kaymind and Nerf!”
— Jack Etienne, Cloud9 CEO & Owner

The Cloud9 PUBG team has some special overseas events coming up, so stay tuned for more information as to when you can see the new-look squad in action!

To discuss these changes and to stay updated on everything #C9PUBG check out the official Cloud9 PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Team Page by clicking the banner below and by joining the Cloud9 Discord.


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