Cloud9 Welcomes Pistola

We are very excited to bring on Justin "iGotUrPistola" Deese as our fourth member of the Cloud9 Halo team. Pistola is highly regarded as a fan favorite and a fantastic communicator in the game. He is an extremely talented player, to the point of being known as a “wizard” who magically stays alive in impossible situations.

“We’ve picked up Pistola, one of the greatest players in the current Halo scene. His addition gives us the edge we need to compete among the best teams in the world. We’ve become more focused on improving our gameplay and strategy as a team and I believe we will be a force to reckoned with.” -Doug “Buckness” Fleming, Team Manager

“After winning the 2010 MLG Halo National Championships with Pistola and FearItself on the same team, this roster change is a tribute to our success and synergy as teammates. We are ready to take this season by storm.“ -Cameron “Victory X” Thorlakson, Team Captain

We look forward to cheering on the team in the next few weeks as the season kicks off at Iron Gaming Atlanta, the Season 2 opener for the Halo Championship Series.

The Cloud9 Halo roster consists of:

Cameron “Victory X” Thorlakson (Team Captain)
Justin "iGotUrPistola" Deese
Jacob ”Hysteria” Reiser
Justin “FearItSelf” Kats
Kory “Symbolic” Arruda (Coach)
Doug “Buckness” Fleming (Team Manager)

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