Counter Logic Gaming and Cloud9 HyperX Link Up for All Stars

Counter Logic Gaming and Cloud9 HyperX Link Up for All Stars

Next week in Paris, Riot Games will host their second annual League of Legends All-Stars event. As the winners of the 2014 LCS North American Spring Split, Cloud 9 HyperX will be attending to represent NA as they do battle against Fnatic (EU), SKT T1 K (KR), OMG (CN), and TPA (SEA) for regional bragging rights and a $50,000 winner-take-all 1st place prize.

Unfortunately, earlier this week Cloud 9 HyperX mid laner Hai “Hai” Lam suffered a spontaneous collapsed lung which left him hospitalized. While Hai is recovering well, his current condition prevents him from traveling to Paris for the event. Considering this, Cloud 9 HyperX and Counter Logic Gaming have come to terms on a trade agreement which will move CLG’s (now former) mid lane player, Austin “Link” Shin to the C9 HyperX starting roster for the event. The trade conditions will also see Link return to the CLG roster on May 20th, three days before the start of the NA LCS Summer Split. These conditions fall within Riot’s existing LCS guidelines and have already been approved.

“When we heard the news about Hai, the team was deeply concerned for his well-being,” said Kelby May, General Manager of Counter Logic Gaming. “It was also unfortunate that we would not be able to see C9 HyperX perform at their best after the immense amount of practice we know they have put in for the upcoming tournament. I reached out to Jack immediately to see if there was anything CLG could do to help, and fortunately in working with Riot we were able to find a way to provide support for C9 HyperX as they look to represent the growing strength of the North American region.”

“We were devastated by the news that Hai wouldn’t be able to travel to Paris as it’s been our goal all year to be a part of All-Stars and play against some of the best teams in the world,” said Jack Etienne, Owner and General Manager of Cloud 9 HyperX. “We’re extremely thankful to CLG who reached out to offer Link in our time of need and to Riot who worked hard to process this trade quickly so we could start scrimming immediately.”

Link has already moved into the Cloud 9 HyperX house in Santa Monica where the team is practicing daily in preparation for All-Stars.

Thank you again to CLG for trading Link to us for this event! You can catch all of the action starting next Thursday, May 8th, from Paris, France at and live on

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