Do you know DDaHyoNi?

We do. Sanghyeon "DDaHyoNi" Baek is a premier Korean Hearthstone professional. Citing a wealth of competitive experience and having appeared in most Hearthstone events in Korea to date, DDaHyoNi is now excited to announce that he's joined Cloud9!

“I chose C9 because many of my favorite pro players are a part of C9, and I wanted to become a part of the high caliber team. Moreover, I believe C9 will provide me with the best chance to let the world see what Korean Hearthstone is all about, as well as give me the best environment to effectively showcase my skills. Please continue to root for me, and I promise to show you an even better form as a part of C9!!”
— Sanghyeon "DDaHyoNi" Baek, Cloud9 Hearthstone Player
“DDaHyoNi has been on our radar for a while now. After walking away as champion of the HCT Asia-Pacific Winter Championship, he reciprocated our interest and was excited at the prospect of joining our Hearthstone roster. We too are excited to invite another quality player to our Hearthstone lineup.”
— Danan Flander, Cloud9 General Manager

His first place run and direct qualification to BlizzCon 2016 at the HCT AP Winter Championship is only one impressive result in a long list of accomplishments, including:

  • WEC Korea Preliminaries | 3rd
  • HCC Season 3 | Top 4
  • Goblin Cup Season 1 Episode #31 | 1st
  • Daumpot TV Invitational | 1st
  • Afreeca Streamers League Season 3 | Top 4
  • Twitch TV Open Invitational | Top 4

Even while sporting numerous domestic titles, DDaHyoNi still finds time to work as a columnist for Naver, writing up decklists and guides for Hearthstone fanatics. On top of all of this, he's also a very consistent streamer broadcasting nightly on his Twitch channel, playing Hearthstone, Dark Souls 3, and many other popular titles.

Please help us in welcoming Sanghyeon "DDaHyoNi" Baek as the newest member of the Cloud9 Hearthstone roster! You can find his social information, along with the rest of the players', on the Cloud9 Hearthstone Team Page.

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