Farewell to SingSing

Jack Etienne, Cloud9 Team Owner:
"Today we’re announcing that SingSing will be leaving Cloud9 to play with another team.   It was an absolute pleasure working with him and I’ll miss having him as part of our organization.   He is a rare talent that not only is extremely skilled at the game but also a fantastic entertainer who is able to connect with the fans in a way that few players ever do.  Doubtless he will continue to perform at a high level and I’m looking forward to seeing him at future events."

"It has been one of the most exciting and fun periods in my life... Thanks to Cloud9 and my former team mates! I wish you good luck for the next season of DotA 2 and I will be forward looking to play against you as well. My new team is already in the works, but like many teams, only time and experience will tell it's success. 

A big shoutout to all the people who have followed me through my esports journey all the way and of course the ones who have tagged along halfway through. And once again, thank you Cloud9 for taking care of me during my stay on the team!"

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