FNS Moved to Inactive on C9CSGO Roster

The Cloud9 CSGO squad has decided to designate FNS as inactive. The organization was excited to welcome him to our family and we had high hopes of continuing what we started in Boston earlier this year. In our time together, it became clear that the strategic visions we had were not as compatible as we had initially hoped. After extensive discussions between the players, staff, and front office, all parties have agreed that this is the best course of action.

FNS brought with him the structure, discipline, and leadership that led him to success with former teams, but the differences in philosophies proved to be too great to form the cohesion we needed to accomplish the results we know we are capable of. Both the team and FNS arrived at the conclusion that the time and energy of all parties would be better spent seeking out more suitable arrangements for their respective play-styles.

FNS will play for Cloud9 at the upcoming ECS Finals in London but we are open to offers and opportunities from other teams immediately. At ECS, Tarik will take over the role of IGL as we begin to build for the future. We are all excited to play together one final time and will be looking to put together a performance worthy of our fans. Our starting roster will continue to develop beyond ECS and we will be providing updates on those changes as they come.

Cloud9 is very grateful to FNS for his dedication during his time with us. We wish him the best of luck and know that his future is bright. For more information about the Cloud9 CSGO team, visit their team page via the banner below.


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