How Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi became a pro LoL player (iBuyPower)

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This is my first blog here on iBuypower and I’m not too sure what direction I want these blogs to head in. I’ll start off my first blog talking about my history and how I “went pro”.

I think the start of my gaming career was when my group of friends and I started playing DoTA-Allstars on Warcraft III. I had so much fun playing around with them on easy mode. Some of my favorite heroes back then were techies like Pudge, Mirana, and other solo lane champions. From there I moved into WoW and HoN. I played WoW for a few years back in the 6th grade and kind of set school aside for my gaming. Although my grades were still fine throughout 6-7th they got a little bit worse in 8th grade and my teachers actually had an intervention with my mom about my grades because the didn’t think I would do so hot in high school lol. Another reason why they probably did the intervention is because I slept through most of my classes whenever I got the chance to.

Going into high school was about the time that I picked up on HoN. The switch was relatively easy for me as I mainly played all the champions that I had become accustomed to in DoTA, although the items and gameplay were much different and faster than standard DoTA. Once I got into the game a lot more with my friends I felt like I started getting pretty good at it. There was a ranking system called PSR, which stands for Public Skill Rating, and mine was about 1850 for pretty much my whole career of 2000+ games. However, I never really got into the pro scene for that game. Since I only ever saw random tournaments going on and almost had no clue about the tournament meta of tri-laning and such, it never felt like it was a thriving success.

After about a year or two of playing HoN, my friends and I started getting bored of the game and started searching for games that we could sit on for years. We found League of Legends to be a pretty damn good game. At first I was reluctant to switch over because of how much time I had spent playing HoN, and I wasn’t sure I just wanted to give up on the game completely. I ended up giving in and playing with them after about a week. I don’t regret switching. After a while of playing I hit level 30, and was pretty intimidated by ranked. I only ever wanted to play when I was in the right mood for it. If I ever felt off I would just relax and play normal games. I slowly climbed up to 1900 rating for platinum right before the season ended, playing middle champions mainly, such as Cassiopeia, Brand, and Ahri. It was only until season 2 that I started spamming ranked queue as AD. I got rid of my fear of ranked and played all the way up to 2650 elo which was one of the highest at the time and from there I started getting into the competitive scene.

Right about before summer of last year I was asked by my friend to join his team as a mid player since Phantoml0rd just left the team and they needed a quick replacement. I only played a few matches with them before leaving the team. After that, my friend “jpak” had asked me to try out for his team called Absolute Legends which I thought was sweet at the time. I ended up staying with them for almost my whole summer in college, when I had a lot of free time. We played in small tournaments like go4lol and TSM weekend invitationals. After a while the team started breaking off after we replaced jpak with support daddy or “evaniskus”. He and I decided to make another team with Onionbagel, Kenikth, and Kevin.  With this roster we were finally able to do really well at one TSM invitationals, placing 2nd to CLG and giving us 700$ each, which was a lot of money to me back then since I never had a job or any sort of spending money. From there we moved on to the online qualifiers for LCS and ended up going. The LCS qualifier finally came around and we failed to get in, which pretty much made us all really sad. From there we went to MLG Dallas together under the name Dignitas to play and ended up losing to Cloud 9 with turtle on it in the semi’s. After Dallas was the IPL 6 qualifiers which we participated in, and lost to Cloud 9 into again. This was about the time when my team’s morale was down and Cloud 9 lost their AD turtle to TSM, so my manager helped me out and talked to Hai for me and kind of set me up to tryout for them. I ended up getting the spot and moved in with the guys under the name Quantic in Palmdale for Riot’s IPL 6, and for the summer split LCS qualifiers.

From there we’ve only dropped a few games together as a team and have been performing extremely well and we hope to continue this streak all the way though playoffs and make it to the Season 3 World Championship!

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