Introducing Cloud9 H1Z1 King of the Kill!

We at Cloud9 are excited to introduce our newest roster that will soon enter the competitive esports fold! Moving forward, we have signed Adam crunch Escobedo, Zach Krypted Harper, Soren Krumme Pilgaard, Dylan mobz Hernandez, and Drew Sweaterr Miser to officially establish the Cloud9 H1Z1 King of the Kill competitive roster. Known for their consistent placing in the competitive fives queue, the roster will continue to participate in daily scrims coordinated by the community until more events are announced in the future.

“Our entire roster is beyond stoked to be a part of Cloud9! For years, we’ve looked up to and respected Cloud9’s roster of professional gamers and their accomplishments across a wide range of titles. Now that we’ve made a home within the KOTK scene under the Cloud9 name, we’re looking to raise the bar and make the community proud.”
— Drew "Sweaterr" Miser, Cloud9 H1Z1 KOTK Team Captain
“We like to stay on the pulse of what our fans are tuning into on Twitch, and we continue to find that they have an overwhelming interest in H1Z1. We were quickly impressed by the community’s support for both the casual and competitive sides of the game. To that end, it was only natural for us to seek out a team like Crunch, Krypted, Krumme, mobz, and Sweaterr, who have remained highly competitive as a team over the past three months.”
— Danan Flander, Cloud9 General Manager

Consistently atop the viewership charts in the game category section on Twitch, H1Z1 KOTK is the most popular massively multiplayer arena shooter to date. With a last man (or last team) standing format, H1Z1 KOTK is now long established as a hyper-broadcastable game with a clear goal of incentivizing competitive play via leaderboards. In the same vein, H1Z1 developer Daybreak has already made comments discussing or committing to further updates and iterations to the game that will include tools and modes that promote a higher level of competitive play, including Spectating, Hosted Matches, and Duos/Fives Ranking Systems.

Please join us in welcoming crunch, Krypted, Krumme, mobz, and Sweaterr to the Cloud9 family. Check out the official Cloud9 H1Z1 KOTK team page by clicking the banner below to stay up-to-date with each player on their respective social channels.

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