Introducing CS:GO Stats


We are proud to present CS:GO Stats - a new app we've been working on in collaboration with Overwolf.


CS:GO Stats will show you the recent stats of both your teammates and opponents in-game. It provides in-depth information by displaying a player-by-player breakdown of the server you're playing on. All of this is accomplished by pulling the latest data from the Steam API.

CS:GO Stats' features:
·         A clear display of each player's K/D Ratio, win percentage, playtime, and favorite weapon.
·         Player join notifications with a short summary of their stats.
·         Easy access to full player stats by clicking the "stats" button on the player tab.
·         Quick sorting options for the player list by clicking on the stat icons at the top.
You can download the CS:GO Stats app from the Overwolf Appstore, or directly from here.

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