KEITHMCBRIEF Joins Cloud9 for Challenger Team

We are excited to announce that Yuri "KEITHMCBRIEF" Jew has joined Cloud9 in preparation for the upcoming Challenger split. From the start Yuri touts an impressive résumé, having played on the LCS stage for both Team Liquid and Team SoloMid in the 2015 LCS Spring Split and Summer Split, respectively. Along with this, his primary solo-queue account, KEITHMKBRIEF, sits atop the North American solo queue ladder with a staggering 1379 LP at the time of this article's release, nearly 200 LP above the next closest Challenger.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing Keith back on the Rift this Challenger split, especially when he'll be representing Cloud9." shared Danan Flander, Cloud9 General Manager. "In almost every Challenger split Cloud9 has fielded a roster of talented players, and we're excited to do the same this Spring, starting with Keith."

Outside of the ranked ladder, Yuri's time on the LCS stage impresses even more. Boasting six wins and only one loss, he played five unique champions in seven games with a combined 7.35 KDA between the two 2015 splits. Yuri, unfazed by returning to the Challenger scene, took a moment to share his feelings on joining Cloud9, "I'm really grateful to Andy and TSM for having given me an opportunity to be on one of the best teams in the region. Although it didn't work out, I'm really glad Cloud9 is giving me another chance to show how good I really am."

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