LCS Summer Week 2: Can the success continue?

Last week Cloud9 made an immediate impact on the North America scene going 5-0 and showing everyone they are not to be taken lightly. C9 showed many traits that make up a top contender in the League of Legends competitive scene as they were able to win convincingly in several games while also showing the ability to handle pressure and alter their strategies on the fly.

This week the team will enjoy a shorter week of play as they have just two games to play against the last two NA teams they have yet to play. Thursday June 20th Cloud 9 kicks off week 2 of the NA LCS against Counter Logic Gaming, a team still adjusting to roster changes in their first meeting of the season. Cloud 9 will not only try to continue their success from week 1, but also show CLG first hand and the rest of the world that week 1 was not a fluke. Then on Friday June 21st C9 faces Vulcun TechBargains in another first meeting of the season. Vulcun coming off a successful week 1 along with a great end to the spring will try and continue their surge among the top NA teams and attempt to put a blemish on Cloud 9's perfect record thus far.

Tune in to watch Cloud 9 along with the rest of the North America teams for week 2 of the Summer League Championship Series on Thursday, June 20th starting at 1pm PST. The action continues on Friday, June 21st starting at 3pm PST. 


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