Let’s talk about Aegis of the Legion

Yesterday I made a tweet saying that every patch, I scroll through the notes hoping to finally see Riot get rid of Aegis of the Legion.  Some people were asking me why I dislike that item and instead of trying to fit all of the reasons into 140 characters, I’d rather just write a post about it. The biggest reason that I dislike Aegis is because it’s overpowered and non-interactive. What I mean by this is that the item is anti-fun: it feels bad for whoever has to build it (basically the same stats as Spectre’s Cowl for 700g more) and it feels bad for any magic damage dealers who have to play against it.

    Aegis is super broken right when it’s completed because it gives your entire team 20 MR for mid game fights. To put that into perspective, it completely negates the magic pen from Sorc Shoes that mages rely on for mid game fights. The issue with this is that the build path for Aegis is terrible and its usefulness falls off pretty hard once enemy mages pick up Void Staff.  This has led to a stale metagame of item builds where every team wants to rush Aegis for a mid game power spike and then the mages on the other team have to respond by getting void staff if they want to deal any damage.  There was a similar metagame back in season 2 when Jarvan and Taric gave 20+ armor to their entire team and Riot nerfed both of their auras because it wasn’t fun to play against.

    The real victims, however, are the champions that deal magic damage but can’t effectively build a void staff.  Two of my favorite champions, Zac and Elise, get double shafted by Aegis because they’re junglers so they’re forced to buy Aegis and (the inevitable Aegis on the enemy team) counters their ability to deal meaningful amounts of damage. I’d like to have the option of being able to pick up Haunting Guise and Sorc Shoes on Elise for a mid-game power spike, but when it’s straight countered by one item on one player for the entire enemy team, you might as well just spend that gold to buy your own Aegis.  

    As a jungler, I’d much rather build fun/stronger items like Spirit Visage, Randuins, Frozen Heart, or Righteous Glory that are interactive but it sucks for the rest of my team if I don’t build Aegis and their jungler does. Not building Aegis feels more like I’m just giving a Haunting Guise to every member on their team (rather than a strategical decision).

    There’s a pretty big difference between a carry having 30 MR and 50 MR, so I think it should be a conscious choice for players to have to build magic resist, just like every other stat, if they want to take less damage from spells. It sucks having to build the same, bad-feeling item game after game, patch after patch, season after season just because it exists. If Aegis was gone it would open up a ton of new viable builds for junglers and mages. I strongly believe that it would increase diversity in the game and make it a lot more fun for everyone.

    So what do you think about Aegis? I’d like to hear YOUR thoughts on Aegis. Do you like it? Dislike it? Why?

- Meteos


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