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Hey all.

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I don’t really have any direction of where this blog is going but, I’m probably just going to talk about my life in the gaming house and various other things! I’m going to keep things candid, so that people can get a realistic glimpse into our lives.

Ever since starting Cloud 9, Jack has done a phenomenal job at getting us sponsors, exposure and creating a brand for us. One of the few sponsors we have is iBuypower and I’d like to say we couldn’t have made a better choice. We play on the computer 10 hours a day or so and I wouldn’t want a bad computer ruining my experiences or anything :p. We also get sweet Crunchyroll accounts to watch anime in the downtime which is pretty cool to be honest, I already had an account on there but hey! Free things are always nice! 

Everyday I basically cook dinner or lunch for everyone in the house since no one else cooks. On the bright side, I don’t have to do the dishes! Which is a pretty good trade in my opinion. I also get to choose what to eat and how to make it, so that’s nice as well.

Sometimes we all go out and eat. We’d chow down on pho or Chipotle or pretty much anything. But those are the staple things we get when we eat out. As I’m typing this I’m actually eating rice, spam, eggs and beef! I think over the time being a professional gamer I’ll become better and better at cooking. I need to start trying new things though so the food we eat doesn’t become repetitive — it is at the moment.

So besides the cooking, living here in the house is nice but a bit annoying. Having 5 other people in the house will make it dirty no matter how much you try to be neat. Sharing bathrooms isn’t terrible but some people leave water everywhere after they shower — it’s crazy. And don’t get me started on our game room lol; on everyone’s desk — including my own — there is a certain level of trash depending on whose desk it is. Lots of cans, snacks, dishes and other gaming peripherals can be found. You can definitely identify the owner depending on what’s on their desk.

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Moving on from life in the house, we finally started playing in the LCS about 2 weeks ago. We went into Super Week unsure of how we would do. We did well in relegation and in scrims and were hoping to play just as good as we have been. We went 5-0 and I couldn’t have been happier  . Not only did we prove we weren’t just hype, we also got free boiling crab courtesy of magic Jack (vlog found here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw6N5AHeqQE). So all in all, that was the best possible start we could have asked for!

The week after Super Week we played vs. CLG and Vulcun. We went into this week terribly unprepared. We were pretty complacent from our 5-0 in Super Week and weren’t expecting CLG to be a hard game at all. That definitely turned out to bite us in the ass because we lost to them after many mistakes in the game.

We just had our major wake up call.

We went back to the hotel after our loss, sat down, and just talked to each other about how this isn’t just for fun and it’s our job to perform well and win. We knew that we needed to focus more on winning and focus less on OSU/Webcamming girlfriends/not paying attention to scrims. We went into the next game against Vulcun level headed and were hoping to win, but we knew we wouldn’t be surprised if we lost because of our over confidence that allowed us to lose to CLG.

Fortunately, we managed to come out victorious over Vulcun, and ended the week 1-1. This leaves our record at 6-1. Pretty damn good I’d say and hopefully we can keep our record positive! Our initial goal of 0-28 is out the window I guess — time to shoot for 6-22!

Being a pro-gamer may seem like it’s the best thing in the world, but it does come with its downsides. You wake up, play scrims, stream, cook, clean, etc., etc. It becomes a job and a bit repetitive. It could burn you out if you don’t really enjoy what you’re doing. It comes with a bit of drama at times as well. You’ll get into arguments with your teammates and on occasion, things get out of hand — sometimes more than you’d like.

Stress is normal. You have to perform well or the community starts bagging on you (a.k.a. cop/elementz) and it’s usually not deserved. Even people like Scarra got bagged on when he went to Allstars and it’s just things like that that make us “pros” a bit sad and depressed. So while it is nice being a pro, it’s not all roses and daisies.

Random thoughts/no coherent order from here on out.

I’ve been streaming a lot lately and it’s been a blast! Getting a lot of viewers is fun because you can actually respond to people in the chat rather than it being dead. My chat is normally filled with  people talking about anime/manga and I couldn’t be happier. It’s such a good time streaming, and I get to make money off it haha. By the way, my stream is twitch.tv/hail9 ! If you haven’t checked it out, I’d recommend it if you like Jpop/Chillstep and just relaxing. I don’t commentate on my plays much but I do explain why I do things if asked. I hope as time goes on, our team can get more stream viewers and become more mainstream like TSM/CLG/Curse/Dig — it would be nice! Also, my anime/manga list is at http://myanimelist.net/profile/hail9 if you want to go give me suggestions or something; feel free!

Oh. I should probably talk about Alex Penn a bit — our analyst. That’s what he does officially. Alex helps us around the house to by keeping us tidy/driving us places but for the most part his job is to do research on other teams and relay the info to us. Alex mainly focuses on the foreign teams as we like studying from them most frequently. I’d say he does a good job of it and I’m happy we have him on board. He’s a pretty sweet guy and I probably wouldn’t pick anyone else to help us. A+ would hire again.

Moving forward from this point, we have MLG Anaheim coming up this week and I hope we do well at it. I won’t be upset if we lose a game or anything because it’s impossible to win every game, but if possible I hope we win all 3  . Would be nice! We put more effort into scrims and research this week and I hope it pays off. I imagine these games will be tough though, as each game in the LCS has been getting harder and harder. So I wish the best of luck to both teams and hopefully it’s exciting for viewers to watch.

I don’t really have much else to say so I’ll just end off my first blog by wishing you guys a great week/weekend and to please continue to support my team and myself… it’d be greatly appreciated  .

Thanks for reading! – Hai


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