Meet Charlie, the new analyst for both Cloud 9 LoL teams

Hi, my name is Charlie Lipsie and I'm the analyst for Cloud 9 NA and Cloud 9 EU. I was born in Shanghai and moved to Pittsburgh at the age of 9. As a freshman electrical engineering major at Penn State University, I was introduced to StarCraft 2, and I have loved eSports ever since. I began playing League of Legends around the time of Diana’s release. I began to get serious (and studious) about LoL when I started following the Korean professional scene during OGN Champions Winter.

                                            Charlie, the new analyst for Cloud 9

                                           Charlie, the new analyst for Cloud 9

My first contributions to the eSports scene were at Cloth5, which I joined in August of 2013. I did scouting work for Team Coast under Cloth5's name and wrote articles focusing on game analysis. I also worked on projects with and During the qualifiers for the LCS I worked with European Challenger teams (like Team Property); later, during relegation matches, I worked with Clement Chu to help the newly-founded Evil Geniuses NA qualify for the LCS. During the off-season I was asked to work with EU Challenger team Apples is Sour to help them improve as a team. They eventually joined the Cloud 9 family as Cloud 9 EU. In addition to helping C9.EU, I will also be working with C9.NA and I plan to bring more diversity to their gameplay by taking on the strengths of other regions around the world.

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