Meteos to Replace Hai/Rush for All-Star Event

Before receiving the official invite to IEM Cologne, we were confident our fans would pull through to give us another chance to compete internationally in 2015. To be prepared for this we ended our post worlds vacations early, signed our roster for 2016, and moved into a new team house to start practicing for the event as early as possible. As we had hoped, we were invited thanks to a whopping 70% of fans who put their faith in us.

Soon after the All-Star Event poll results began flooding in, it was clear that things were about to get complicated. While we were thrilled to see our players once again being recognized by fans, we were faced with a serious quandary: Is attending the ASE a viable option?

The short answer is yes. The dates of the ASE (Dec 10-13) do not directly interrupt our attendance and participation for IEM Cologne (Dec 16-21).

The long answer is no.  Unfortunately, the time commitment required for either Hai or Rush to attend the ASE is simply too disruptive to the teams preparation for IEM Cologne as the ASE runs for four days of public play and also includes extra preparation time off-stream. As the 3rd place vote receiver in the Jungle role, William "Meteos" Hartman has agreed to represent the North American LCS for the entirety of the event.

Thanks to all the fans who voted us through to IEM Cologne and have given us the opportunity to attend the All-Star Event in Los Angeles. Make sure to tune in December 10-13 to catch Meteos participating in the ASE, then tune in December 18-20 for IEM Cologne as the new Cloud9 LCS roster makes its first appearance on either a domestic or international stage!

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