Midway Point! by Hai (From iBuyPower)

So we’re halfway through the LCS season, we have played 15 games out of the 28 total needed. Our record is 13-2 at the moment and we only lost games to CLG and Vulcun. I hope we can continue our dominance through out the rest of the split.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people think we just copy the Koreans or play the overpowered champions but that’s not necessarily true. In one aspect, we do learn from the Koreans. We look at what they consider strong and try adapt their champions or strategy into our own so we can evolve it and make it better for our team. We also pick champions we consider strong for OUR strategy/gameplay. Different champions provide different things to a team, and the ones we pick fit that strategy perfectly. Every team considers different champions overpowered or strong and that’s what makes each team unique. For example, Link likes playing standard AP mids like Orianna/Karthus and he considers those champions “OP/Strong” where as I consider bruisers/assassins strong. Each champion brings different things to a team and some champions will be strong for some teams and weak for others depending on their play style.

We have another 13 games to go and then playoffs, I’m a little bit nervous/unsure of what is going to happen the rest of the split but I’m hoping for the best or at the very least we do our best so we aren’t disappointed with ourselves.

Keep cheering on for us and supporting us, it only makes us play better and we appreciate all the fans we have!  Thanks!

I would also like to thank our sponsors. Thank you iBUYPOWER, Cooler Master, Kingston HyperX, Crunchyroll, LoL-Class, Astro Gaming!

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