My thoughts on the games.

So we got back from Anaheim last night, at least Lemon, Balls and I did. We went 2-1 this weekend and it's a pretty good score, I wish we could have went 3-0 but we got outplayed by Vulcan so whatever! I'm going to talk about my thoughts on each game and a bit of detail on what we did/could do better so people can get a little insight into our team. 

 Game 1-

 So our first game of the weekend was vs Coast, the game went pretty easy for us. There's not much to say, Meteos went and pushed top down really fast and I got FB on Lissandra mid. When those two things happened, that was game over for them as they lost all control of map when that happened and we were able to snowball to victory. I think losing like this is more graceful than the other team throwing and then you throw after, so I wouldn't be ashamed to be snowballed on if I was Team Coast. Because that does happen to every team and it's not a big deal.

 Game 2- 

We played CLG in our second game of the weekend and last time we faced them, they beat us :(. This time around we did our picks and level 1 a bit better than last time, Balls died bottom lane when he shouldn't have and gave first blood to them. It was a tiny mistake but nothing we couldn't recover from. I played Lissandra vs Links TF and I tried to push his lane 24/7 so he could never roam effectively, he got a good gank off when he tricked me into thinking he backed and instead he ultied top, I got outplayed pretty hard right there. As the game went on it was clear CLG only wanted to split push and 1v1 us as that is what they excel in. The game was looking very even, even though we got every single dragon the game was still very close and hard for either team to pull ahead. CLG started to make mistakes and outplay themselves by grouping together and trying to fight us. One fight in particular was the one at baron where Doublelift tumbled into 5 of us and was expecting to live, he died there and gave us inhibitor. If CLG kept the split pushing going on the game would have been very hard but I still think we would have pulled through. Link never built a hourglass on TF so we would be easily able to dive him and crush through their defense. In the end CLG ended out outplaying themselves and getting baited by us, and we were able to pull through a victory. 

 Game 3-

So our last game of the weekend was vs Vulcun and I knew it was going to be a hard game, their champion pools are very similar to ours and it's hard to do bans/picks optimally versus them. I personally think our team comp could have been created better, we traded Jayce for TF and Elise. I think the trade was okay but in the end they ended up having more poke than us and neither team had that good of disengage. When both teams don't have a good way to go in and one team has more poke, the team without poke has to force an engage and it was very hard for us to do that. They would have snowballed the game and ended it earlier but they started throwing and letting us come back. We picked off Zuna in a fight or two and got a baron buff from it. Thinks were looking good for us and it seemed like we were going to win, we made a silly mistake when pushing their top inner turret and we lost all pressure from that. Zuna was getting stronger and stronger and we were getting afraid of end game kogmaw/jayce so we felt as if we needed to initiate. If you noticed my items compared to Lissandras I had a full item and 200~ AP over him I believe. But we were set on sending me in as a suicide bomber and I don't think that's ideally, we could have just waited for a better engage instead of trying to force it. For everyone telling me I didn't hourglass or I'm not misaya, the thing is. If I hourglass during my ultimate port, it cancels the port and then I bait my team into going in, if I go through Lissandra can spam R on where I port into before I can hourglass and I wouldn't even be able to bait any "spells" as sona was saving ulti for kennen since Mancloud was ulting me. For me to initiate better, I could NOT port into their team, instead it had to be behind them or a way to let me flank Lissandra or Kogmaw. I know I could have played TF better and applied more pressure on the map, but the team was dying in all lanes and when your lanes are behind as TF it's hard to do ganks and apply pressure when there's no pressure on any lane. In the end I think we could have won after Vulcun started to throw, but they snowballed the game pretty well versus us and deserved the win.  

 Moving forward from this-

So, while we were disappointed with our loss against Vulcun I think we have a bright future ahead for us. When you lose you can learn a lot from it and as long as you don't hold resentment or rage at your teammates, losing can be very healthy for a team to improve. Sort of like a wake up call or a splash of water in your face. We have a lot of work to do to match up to the rest of the world and even in NA, I want to say we won't lose anymore games but losing is inevitable. Let's just hope it doesn't happen often haha :P! Unless we're going for our 8-20 record ;). 

Anyway, thank you to all the fans for supporting us and meeting us at Anaheim. We appreciate everyone of you and hope you stick along with us for this ride of wins and losses! Most importantly thanks for spending your time to read my blog and thoughts!




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