Official Response: fREAKAZOiD & s1mple

As many of you are aware a verbal altercation occurred last night between Ryan “fREAKAZOID” Abadir and Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev. We would like to thank the community for their patience as we determined the best course of action. Within a competitive environment there is always a certain level of banter between competitors, however we are aware that Ryan’s words exceeded the boundaries of harmless banter and ventured into the realm of bullying and toxicity.

The altercation initially began as a result of Ryan’s protective instincts. His remarks were the result of a misguided attempt to defend his friends. In hindsight Ryan realized that his behavior was inexcusable.

“I have failed my community, teammates, and organization. I would like to offer a sincere apology to s1mple for the poor decision I made last night. The way I behaved was unacceptable. I expect better from myself, and will do all I can to meet those expectations going forward. This experience has taught me that one slip up can cost you everything. At the end of the day I would like to make amends with s1mple and move forward from this. I hope he and the community can forgive my actions.”
— Ryan "fREAKAZOiD" Abadir, Cloud9 CS:GO Player

Previously, we have not had to deal with a situation like this within the Cloud9 CS:GO team. After much discussion we have decided the best course of action is to fine Ryan an entire month’s salary and to donate 50% of that amount to PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center and 50% to the Born This Way Foundation to support awareness and action against bullying. Additionally, Ryan will be attending an anti-bullying seminar in Los Angeles, CA hosted by PACER. We strongly encourage our players to set a positive example whenever possible and we hope that this seminar will better enable Ryan to provide aid to his friends in an acceptable manner.

“Cloud9 players should strive to set a positive example for those who look up to them. Friendly trash talk is one thing but when personal attacks begin a line has been crossed regardless of it being online or on LAN. Ryan will be expected to do all he can to promote a healthy atmosphere within the community. The biggest lesson to take away from this is to think before you speak or act. The professional scene as a whole can learn from this event. As CS:GO grows to new heights so must our sportsmanship standards, which includes everyone, not just fREAKAZOiD.”
— Tres "stunna" Saranthus, Cloud9 CS:GO Manager

We’d like to offer our wholehearted apologies to anyone who has been upset or otherwise impacted by Ryan’s actions. We hope that you will continue with us as an organization and with Ryan as a player as we all look to better ourselves.

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