Offseason Plans for Cloud 9 by Hai (Sponsored by iBuyPower)

Hey guys/girls, so we just finished Season 3 and we placed top 8 at Worlds, while not ideal it wasn’t terrible I guess either? I wish we could have played at the Galen Center or the Staples Center but we’ll work our very best to do that next year so we don’t disappoint you guys!

I’m not planning on going into details about the games or anything relative to Worlds for the time being! Rather I want to focus on the future and let you guys/girls know what are our plans for the off season!

First off, LemonNation and I will be traveling to Vietnam and possibly Korea/Japan! We’re going to go backpack around and stay at hostels and couch surf! Hopefully if you guys are from those countries you can come out and visit us. We probably plan on doing some fan meets in like Ho Chi Minh City and  Hanoi, if we go to Korea then we would have one in Seoul, if we go to Japan we would have one in Tokyo! Maybe we can make a cool movie out of this too or at least document details about our travels while we are there.

For Balls, he’s going back to Texas for an undetermined amount of time to hang out with his family and friends. He’ll probably play Solo Queue and stream while he’s at home so make sure you guys hang out with him if he does!

For Sneaky, he’s going to be spending a lot of time with his girlfriend and probably stream/play as well. I imagine he’ll go out and do a ton of things so he probably won’t be playing too much.

For Meteos, I’m not entirely sure what he is going to do. I know he wants to go back home and visit his Dad/Brother and hang out with them for a while, and if I come back in time I might go travel to Cancun or the Bahamas with him, that’d be pretty sweet.  But what he is doing is up in the air at the moment, he might just stay in San Jose too, who knows!

So, we probably won’t be playing too much/streaming too much for the next month or so. I believe we will be taking a break for the entirety of October and come back to house mid-november so that we can start practicing again for some events that are coming up! This Season has been an amazing season for us and we have done very well, so I think it’s fitting for us to relax and go see our loved ones/explore the world for a bit.

From my teammates and I, we want to say Thank you so much for supporting us throughout the entire season and we hope to make you guys/girls even more proud next split!


Blog written by Hai. Sponsored by iBuyPower



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